Thursday, August 25, 2011

TV Time

In looking back over this here blog I realized that I have done multiple post about different TV Show that I watch.

It made me feel as though I should state for the record that I actually do have a life, but on week nights nine times out of ten times you can find me fresh off of a work out chilling in front of the TV.

It's what I do... Work, hit the gym, eat, watch TV, hang with Ryan, and wait for the weekend.

I wanted to tell you about two shows that I am loving right now.

The first is a show that comes on Thursday nights on USA called, Suits. 

Ryan and I are really into it. Every episode I kept saying "where I have seen the guy that plays Harvey" and Ryan couldn't help me place him.

Then one day E! played the movie, Because I Said So and there he was... I had placed him.

Now, this show is about lawyers but it's a new take on it. Tune in!! It's gotten great reviews and has been picked up for another season.

In a completely different direction... I am also loving the Lifetime show, Picker Sisters.

Two girls travel the back roads in search of "junk" that they turn into "treasures."

I love the friendship the girls have, but most importantly I love to see what they turn there finds into.

It comes on Tuesday night!

I hope you add these two shows to your TV line up.

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