Monday, August 8, 2011

O.T.W- Pizza & Beer, Monograms & Mimosas, & Gilling by The Pool

Over the weekend...

The title pretty much sums up our weekend.

As I mentioned Friday some of our friends were the headlining act at Chuck's on Friday night. We headed down to the local hangout for pizza, beer, and good music.

They rocked it and made us quite proud. The crowd was loving them too... If I'm not mistaken a few folks inquired as to how to hire them out.

On Saturday morning my mom, aunt, cousin, grandmother, and I hosted a Monograms and Mimosas shower for my cousin. Everything from the food to the fellowship turned out awesome. It was lots of fun.

I have to be honest here and state that even though I was a hostess I drank my weight in Mimosas and spent Saturday afternoon blissfully napping. It felt so good!

Saturday night we headed over the The Pool for a family get together. Everyone swam, had a few cocktails and enjoyed a great meal.

Sunday involved a good bit of TV, some cleaning of the carpet in the bedroom, and a really greasy cheeseburger from Bucks (if you are an AC reader you can respect a Bucks Burger)!

This afternoon will consist of some serious cardio to make up for it!

Welcome to the work week, folks. Let's hope it treats us all well!

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