Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's Almost Upon Us...

Auburn Football kicks off five weeks from this Saturday!!

I love Auburn Football weekends in the fall. I should probably have mixed emotions about it, as Ryan takes it so seriously and our weekends turn in to all out football mania... but I don't.

This morning I got to thinking about whether or not I had enough orange and blue to get me through the season. Which in turn lead me to spend a portion of my morning searching for orange and blue outfits.

We have seven home games.... I have in my closet at this time three navy dresses that can be easily accessorized with orange but that leaves me four short (not counting away game tailgate get-togethers).

Here are some of the looks I found that would work:

This knit dress would be perfect with flats for a day game. Although it wouldn't be near as short on me:

This would be fun for a tailgate get together with friends for a more laid back look: F21- $13.80
I want, oh so badly, a pair of orange skinny jeans. How fun would that be with a cute navy top? But alas this is the cutest pair I can find and I can't get my mind around spend $176 for J. Brand's orange skinnies. Not very practical.

Lulu's had this navy maxi that would be perfect for less than $50:

With my navy dresses I could always toss on an skinny orange belt to make it that much more fun:

Etsy for only $6.00

And if I were really crazy I would buy these Palazza pants from F21 for only $22.80. But alas I am not...

Hmmm, all the options to consider...

Regardless I'm pumped about the impending season!! War Eagle, crazies!


Summer Athena said...

you have so many great choices! purple and gold are hard! really -- it's yellow. haha.

Katie Beth Owens said...

I can't wait to cheer on the Tigers again! Hopefully we will be just as good as last season ;)

I actually just bought 2 new AU dresses too from Urban Outfitters! It is so hard to find cute orange and blue so when I see it, I have to scoop it up or else I know I will regret it ... it always ends up a Sat morn game day and I can't find ANYTHING orange and blue that I haven't all ready worn a million times!

(if you want to check them out they are the Sparkle & Fade Colorblock Dress and the Silence & Noise Layered Tank in Orange ... the links were too long to paste!)

War Eagle!

Lacey said...

i own the f21 striped tee--bought it in LA 2 weeks ago! i was like...oh just buy it!

Ali Sanford said...

I think you would rock orange skinny jeans.

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