Monday, July 18, 2011


Ahhh the weekend has come and gone yet again... Sads.

But we had a fun one!! This weekend was extra special because Harley Toland ventured over from my parent's house to bunk over with us for the weekend. So I had Maggie and Harley hot on my trail all weekend long.

Friday night began with a Wine Tasting at Catherine's Market.


My pal, Whitney, got in on the wine tasting!!

This particular wine had a "lengthy aftertaste of a wooden bucket." To me it simply tasted a bit spicy.  

Our friend Whitney happens to be a hard core Yogi. So she took a moment to help us all become grounded.  Here's Lacey in action.
Not sure anyone can rightfully hate on a wine tasting. We read the descriptions aloud, tasted the wine, and discussed how we each felt about each wine. It was quite pleasurable.
We also made sure to have snacks on hand, as no one needed to be sipping too much wine on an empty stomach.

Chips and Homemade Salsa and Pimento and Cheese!! Yumm!

This is kind of crazy... We thought this was a garlic cheese dip. So Lacey and I help ourselves to a few pita chips and a helping for the table. Turned out to be butter.

Saturday night we had dinner plans with some friends. We hit up one of the restaurants on the lake and insisted that we sit outside. It got a little tense with the hostess because they would have to put two tables together, but they ended up allowing our party of 7 to sit outside.

And then it rained....

On Sunday Ryan and I had a lunch date which included a little Momma Goldberg's on the Lake.
Momma's Love & Nachos (extra peppers)
The weather was so nice yesterday due to the all the rain we had over the weekend that I insisted that the windows be down for the ride home...

And to wrap up the weekend Ryan and I hit up the movie theater last night for the last installment of HARRY POTTER.

It was a great end to a pretty dern good weekend.


Katie Beth Owens said...

I love your feather flying in the wind! So wild and free!

Lacey said...

Good times!!!

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