Monday, July 25, 2011

O.T. W- Aquapalooza 2011

Over the weekend...

... several thousand people gathered for Aquapalooza 2011 on Lake Martin. You may remember I posted it about it a couple of years ago when Alan Jackson was the main event. Headlining this year's show was Sawyer Brown with other performances by Rhett Akins.

Here's a little Sawyer Brown to refresh your memory:

If that doesn't just beg for a good time on the lake, I don't know what does.
Friday night I spent the evening sipping cocktails with Deidra and making snacks for Saturday's festivities. We had an array of foods to enjoy while out on the lake all day... including pigs-in-a-blanket, homemade pimento and cheese, spinach dip, turkey or ham sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls, and even a little peanut butter/chocolate rice crispies. Let's just say our boat did not starve.

We were out on the lake by 9:30, ready for the festivities to being. Enjoy the pictorial play-by-play:

Jennifer, Deidra, me, and Ali!

After a long day at Aquapalooza, we headed to Chuck's Marina for some pizza and fun!!

I took somewhat of a spill walking in Chuck's, as I stepped in a hole and twisted my ankle. This resulted in lots of pictures of my foot. Not sure why, because you can't tell by a picture that I twisted my ankle.... you can only see that I hurt one toe in the process.

I'm not even going to tell you what Ryan said when I fell down.... he wasn't as sympathetic as one would hope.

And the night ended with Miranda Lambert's Gun Powder and Lead...

Whoo it was a big one! Anyone who is close enough and has a boat needs to plan on attending Aquapalooza next year. It is so worth it!

Awww, but some girls do!!

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I've got to stay out of the sun. I'm getting scary dark.

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