Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My TV Guide for you. (you're welcome)

I enjoy having a good television show or two to look forward to when I finally make it home each night. After a long day at work, then hitting the gym, it's nice to be able to relax and enjoy a good TV show.

Now, I'm sure some of you won't agree with my TV preferences... and that's fine. Ryan practically cringes at the shows I love. (but I cringe when ESPN is considered great TV- so it's fine).

In no particular order I enjoy the following series....

1.The Bachelor- On the Wings of Love - airs Monday nights on ABC

Jake is probably my least favorite bachelor, to date. He is very emotional. Now, I'm not saying boys can't cry, but come on... he cries every episode. Although I don't love Jake, I'm still sucked in. I think Gia is the prettiest, I don't understand what he sees in Vienna, I like Ali the best, and Tenley is the sweetest thing ever. I predict Vienna will win the whole thing, but they won't get married, and ultimately the entire realtionship will end badly on the cover of US Weekly... I'm just sayin.

2. White Collar - airs Tuesday nights on USA

Ryan and I have been hooked on this show from day one. It's a show that Ryan and I equally enjoy. It's about a "white collar' criminal who has agreed to help the FBI's white collar division solve cases instead of spending the time behind bars. I have a huge crush on the character Neil Caffrey.

He's hot, but other than that the show is actually very good. I'm not sure how easy it would be to just pick up in the middle of the season... So I would advise setting your DVR/ Tivo to record a marathon (sometimes USA will play several episodes during a weekend).

3. Keeping up with the Kardashians Sunday nights on E!

I realize that this show could be ranked right up there with The Jersey Shore, but I love it. Kourtney is my favorite sister. It's just a fun show to watch (even though, I realize, the time that I spend watching it I will never get back).

4. Castle -airs on Monday nights at 10/9central on ABC

I have found that most people haven't even heard of Castle, and that's a shame because it's rather entertaining. It's a show about an author turned homicide investigator- very realistic... I enjoy a good mystery or crime show that isn't super gruesome.. and this fits the bill.

In years past, my TV guide would have included: Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Desperate Housewives, and Brothers and Sisters; however, they have fallen by the wayside. Grey's lost me when Izzy spent an entire episode attempting to save a deer. Yes, you read that correctly, a freaking deer. Crossed the line- took it too far- and that was it! The other shows just lost me. So I have cut them from the TV line up as well.

Hopefully, my TV Guide has inspired you to set your DVR. If not- no biggie because I will continue to tune in. Let me know if there is a show I need to be adding to list...


Deidra said...

I'm okay with you letting some of the old favorites go---with one excetpion--BRO's and SIS's--come on, you better get that DVR set right back to sundays at 9. I think Sally F. has had my heart for a long time and always will.

aLiSoN said...

I am so frustrated that Vienna is still on The Bach....I mean...she has a crazy eye. That's mean I suppose, but she is just not attractive. If she wins, I might not watch any more seasons....yeah right.

Katie Beth said...

I enjoyed this post Jessica. Now, I would like to share with you my tv schedule (because I thought it would be fun and I LOVE wasting time at work!):

MONDAY: One Tree Hill & Gossip Girl...but these shows haven't started back up since the holidays so I am in on The Bachelor. Plus, we have The "Fantasy" Bachelor going on at work so I gotta keep score for my team. Yes, fantasy as in like fantasy football...Ryan may really like this approach - it got Brandon hooked!

TUESDAY: 90210 & Melrose Place - if you haven't noticed, I am OBSESSED with teeny bop shows...I heart the CW.

WEDNESDAY: nothing! I need something!

THURSDAY: I DVR-ed Flashforward and LOVE IT, but there haven't been any new ones recently either. I really like Private Practice and Project Runway though.

SUNDAY: I am with you Deidra, Sally Field has stolen my heart! This is my absolute, can't miss, favorite show! I am glad someone is on the same page with me!

I hope you enjoyed Jess! Haha...I know you probably weren't intending for someone to reply with the shows they watch every single day of the week, but oh well! XoXo

Jessica said...


I love that you took the time to let me know what you're watching. I love it.

My Wednesday night is open too. ugh!

Maybe I need to be tuning in for 90210...

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