Tuesday, July 5, 2011

O.T.W- God Bless America

I wish oh so badly that this Over-the-Weekend Post was about to be about the amazing weekend I had celebrating the 4th of July. However, that's not exactly how it's about to go down...

You see, last week I didn't feel good all week. I would eat, then feel nauseated, then feel like I had indigestion and then it would pass and would happen all over again when the next time I ate.

I kept trying to brush it off as a stomach bug or a little virus. Well, then Thursday came and so did a pain in my side. During my workout class Thursday night I hardly made it out. I had to keep taking breaks to catch my breath and it the pain in my side kept getting worse.

So when I got home I did some googling... which lead to me freaking myself out... then deciding a doctor's appointment was in order for Friday!

Well, well, well... the doctor decided it might be the GALLBLADDER. He then proceeded to tell me it would be Wednesday (as in tomorrow) before they could do an ultrasound and know anything for sure.

I was okay with all of that, but then he hit me with the fact I could not (until next Wednesday which would include the fourth of July long weekend) enjoy any of the following:

1. Spicy food
2. Dairy
3. Fried Food

The conversation then went like this:

Me; "So what do you mean I can't have any of those things? It's a holiday weekend."
Dr: "I mean, you should avoid those things at all cost or you could end up in the hospital over the weekend if it is indeed your gallbladder"
Me; "OK, but do you mean I just need to use moderation? Maybe a few french fries and a couple of cocktails?"
Dr: "No, I mean do not eat or drink any of the things we have talked about!!!!!"

So that's how I started my weekend off...  No french fries, no cheese, no ice cream, no alcohol what so ever.  It wasn't the best weekend for me. I tried to be a team player. I tried to go with the flow. It's tough though when everyone else is having a fun filled weekend with cocktails and anything they want to eat and I am over there drinking a bottle of water and eating tomatoes and cucumbers with an occasionally pain in my side.

I had to keep reminding myself that people have much bigger problems than that.... and in all honesty it could always be worse.

I tried really hard not to ruin any one's weekend by being a Debbie Downer, but by yesterday afternoon I had done all that I could. Ryan would probably say I did bring him down a few notches and I hate that... but we did agree on "in sickness and in health"... so that's that.

Hopefully the doctor will give me the all clear tomorrow and I can put this little episode behind me, however, if it is my gallbladder then I will be scheduling a little surgery to get rid of it!!

Either way I'm ready for a bowl of hot spicy salsa, a cold beer, a bowl of ice cream, cheese on everything, cup of coffee, french fries, and a slice of pizza.

Hope you all had a better holiday weekend than I did!!!


Greer's Gossip said...

Hope you get everything cleared up and figure out what is going on!!

Stopping by from Jenna's. Your blog is precious!!

Brittany said...

Hope everything is better! Stopping ove from Jennas!

Jackie Koll said...

HOpe you are doing better! Stopping by from Jenna's :-)

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