Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm at the Corner Just in Time to See the Bus Fly By!

As a young buck I spent my afternoon watching Saved By The Bell! Raise the roof if you were pretty sure Zach Morris was going to be your husband one day!!  {I'm raising said roof in my office right now... holla!}

I wanted to be Kelly Kapowski, if for nothing else her cool demeanor and the fact that Zach was always smitten with her.

I learned valuable life lessons from SBTB... such as: If you sprain your ankle the week of the dance contest at The Max, it will all work out... just make up a crazy dance routine in which you hop around. Life gives you lemons... make some Lemonade.

I even stayed with the Save By The Bell crew on into the college years. It was a real love.

Alas, at some point it was all over and I didn't think there would be a time in my life in which Zach Morris or Kelly Kapowski would ever be a staple in my television watching.

I was wrong!

I've mentioned my love of White Collar here on the ole bloggity, but it's true I watch it every week. Have since episode one.
How sexy is the main character, Neil Caffrey?

And the best part is that Kelly Kapowski is Agent Peter Burke's wife. At first I was all "Why is Kelly Kapowski trying to be someone she's not" or "Why is Kelly so puffy looking." It just wasn't sitting well with me. However, I realized that she was puffy looking because she was preggo in real life and they were trying to hide it on screen and to be honest she's really grown on me! I love her on the show!

Well, this summer another crazy thing happened... Zach Morris made it into my television watching circuit! He's the co-star of the new show, Franklin and Bash. I was highly skeptical at first.

I mean, I never did buy into him being a cop on Law and Order or whatever show he was on. Zach Morris is not that serious. So, of course I didn't know if he would play a believable lawyer...

But this show is really good... and this role really suits Zach Morris. I would advise you to tune in!

I suppose my life is now complete. Kelly and Zach got me through my adolescence and now they with me yet again in my mid twenties.

Funny how things come full circle, huh?

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Lacey said...

o lordy, john watches SBTB reruns EVERY morning!

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