Monday, June 13, 2011

O.T.W- Jazzy Jazz Fest

This weekend was so much fun!! It was one of those weekends in which Sunday rolls around and the only thing that is appealing is laying in the bed and watching movies.

And I did just that... three movies, a shower, and a two hour nap later and I finally started to come back from the edge. 

This weekend was my small hometown's 21st Annual Jazz Fest!

Each summer when the Jazz Fest rolls around a good time can be expected. This year's line up both Friday  and Saturday night was the best it has been in years. The music was awesome both nights.

Friday night Wet Willie dominated and on Saturday night we jammed out to Yonrico Scott Band, Randall Bramblett with Geoff Achison and JJ Grey and Mofro.

Friday night's festivities. This is me owning the fact that I desperately need my roots done. So I covered them with a tiny umbrella.
Ryan was out of town on a Bachelor party, which was sad because events are always more fun when he's with me, however, I inserted Deidra and Ali in his place and it made for one of the best weekends ever!

In the midst of all the crazy jazz fest partying I also hosted a Stella & Dot trunk show/brunch at my house on Saturday morning. It's funny because I had a few last minute "chores" I wanted done before the party Saturday morning so at about 2 am Deidra, Ali, and I were hanging pictures in my house.

It was quite the sight... We had the tape measure out, hammer in hand, and potentially one eye closed to get it just right.
The alarm sounded bright and early on Saturday. We(me, dee and ali) hopped on up and made two breakfast casseroles, chocolate croissants, and sliced fruit for the brunch.

The party was a success... everyone sipped mimosas, enjoyed good food, and bought fabulous jewelry.

After the party wrapped up I laid down on the couch for a minute which turned into a little nap for me and   Maggie.  

Speaking of Maggie... she got in on the jewelry party too!

She's a sucker for bangels.

Saturday night we hit up a local hot spot, Sinclairs, on the lake for dinner before the Jazz Fest at the Lake Martin Amphitheater.

Three Amigos

If you look hard enough... you'll notice a turtle swimming.

This is take number three. The first two were ridiculous.

Everything is more fun with Ryan. This is me wishing he was right there with us.

Mofro was so good.

These two cats had some serious dance moves... Loved it.

 And per usual we ended up back at Sinclairs after the Jazz Fest for some wild and crazy nonsense.

I have not had a weekend in which I have laughed so hard in a long time. Deidra and Ali make for some great company. It was so fun to have everyone to the house for brunch on Saturday and to have a weekend filled with great friends and awesome music.

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Ali Sanford said...

Jazzy Jazz Fest weekend = Success

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