Tuesday, May 10, 2011

DIY- Pop, Lock, and Drop Some Color in the Bedroom

As you may recall Ryan and I painted our bedroom back in the Fall. We went with a the color Valspar's Seaside Villa.
It's a relaxing shade of blue with a tiny bit of grey undertone. I love it, which I'm sure has nothing to do with my undying love for all things blue.

Our furniture is stained a darker shade with white drawers... as I documented in this post. It was a time consuming project, but in the end the furniture took on a whole new life and it works beautifully in our bedroom.

Our bedding is mostly white with a little bit of blue, but no real color. I kept feeling as though I needed a pop of color somewhere in the room... I didn't know if I wanted to go with a coral, pink or even yellow. I just knew I needed something to spice it up.

Well, The Little Green Notebook came to the rescue once again. I read this post she in which she discussed the artwork in the living room of Kristen of K.F. Designs.

I instantly loved it and thought that it might be just what I needed to add that pop of color to our bedroom!

Coming in at only $4.50 per sheet and measuring 24" x 36" it couldn't be more affordable.

I decided to go with the Turquoise, Apricot and Raspberry pattern:

I wasn't sure what to do about a frame, as both posts regarding this little DIY project suggested IKEA for purchasing a frame.... and we all know that the closest IKEA to me is over two hours away.

I decided to pursue Amazon in search for two frames. Lo and behold I found a 12" x 18' white frame for only $11.50. I quickly ordered two.

I decided to cut the piece of marbleized paper in half so as to create two pictures to hang side by side.

Here's a look at the finished project:

I love them! I plan on grabbing up some throw pillows in the pink/coral color to add to the bed to bring it all together!

Total project came in at less than $40 (with shipping cost) for the paper/art work and two large frames. I think that's a bargin!

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