Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Who Wore It Best?

Each week I enjoy reading the blog, The Man Repeller.

Read this right here if you need to know exactly what a Man Repeller is. 

Occasionally she will do a post which begs the question, "WHO WORE IT BEST" in which she compares high end fashion to either something she is wearing or someone has worn?

Prime examples include: the times she compared Sonic the Hedgehog to a pair of designer heels or the time she compared a bedding set to her Chanel blouse.

Well, I couldn't help but think of those posts when I had a real life Who Wore It Best Moment over the weekend.

Let me just paint a picture for you... It's Saturday evening, the sun is beginning to set. I arrive at a wedding in a lovely coral one shoulder dress feeling good, as I had spent a the better part of an hour getting ready.

I had not been at the wedding five minutes and already I had gotten compliments on what a lovely dress I had decided to wear.

I'm then seated by an usher. Fourth row, right behind the family. I'm feeling good.

I glance back to check out the other guest that are being seated. And what to my wondering eyes did appear?

This girl in MY dress: 
Ahhhhh, fashion faux pas, indeed.

As soon as the ceremony ended I felt the need to break the tension, as it was very obvious that we were indeed at a small wedding in the same dress!!

I strolled up to her and casually commented, "You have great taste!! Love your dress!" I laughed and then carried on about how we could simply tell everyone that we were honorary bridesmaids. She kind of laughed with me... but I could tell she was not happy about the situation.

I couldn't help but think "this will make a great who wore it best post?"

So alas, WHO WORE IT BEST? Me or the other wedding guest?  If you don't think I did then please keep your opinion to yourself!

In the end we both had a good laugh about it, as that's really all we could do.


Lacey said...

hahahhaha JESSICA S all the way bay-bee!!!

Kristen said...

You! You!

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