Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I worked my butt off over the weekend.

Ryan and I (with a tiny bit of help from his sister, Ali) painted our bedroom. Ryan said we had to finish before the 2:00 that afternoon and we almost did.

I didn't take any "before" shots, but the room was Sherwin William's Cafe Latte and now it is Valspar's Seaside Villa. So basically we went from a brownish/khaki to a blue/gray.

While Ali was helping hold down the bed she snapped this picture with her iphone of me in action.

Please note how I'm holding that paint can. So dainty, I am.

On Sunday, I finished the project I've been working (with help of my assistant Deidra) the past two Sundays. Hopefully, I will be able to share pictures of that this week. Let's just say it involved a lot of sanding, painting, and staining.

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