Wednesday, May 18, 2011

O.T.W.-- Down by the Sea

Ryan and I had an amazing weekend in Destin, Florida over the weekend. We headed down on Friday and returned on Tuesday. It was a relaxing five days at the beach.

I must preface this post with a bit of an explanation.... Most of you know and love Ryan like this:

 However, to change things up a bit the first thing Ryan did on our first morning there was this:

And in the end he looked like this:

I honestly felt like I was off with some other guy... it has been so long since I've seen his face!

We spent our days sitting on the beach. I read magazines and books, we had drinks and listened to music, and ocassionlly we would venture into the deep blue sea.

We parked our beach chairs right in front of the Tiki Bar each day, so as to be close to the cocktails.

I got Ryan a NOOK for his little anniversary prize. He loved it!

I'm a little bit of a scaredy cat in the ocean... I'm always on the look out for what might be lurking in the water!

Our evenings were filled with dinner and drinks at The Back PorchHarbor Docks, Vin'tij's (on our anniversary), and Stinky's Fish Camp. I'm going to be honest, Stinky's had me a little nervous, what with the name and all, but it was so good. Ryan's bff Chase suggested it and we sure are glad he did.  

On our actual wedding anniversary Ryan and I returned to the condo to feast on our wedding cake. I was a little apprehensive as I assumed it would be no good since it had been frozen for a year but we forged ahead and it was still okay.

I must admit that on Sunday I had a good bit of wine at dinner and really dwelled on how well the cake held up for a year... it was even sparkely still.  However, as I am looking at these pictures now, I'm not so sure it was in as good of condition as I made out. I'm not sure the reason people eat year old cake to celebrate  a year of marriage but I hope it's for goood luck or lots of money in the future...

Overall we had the best vacation together.  Here's to all the vacations and anniversaries to come!

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Lacey said...

Good times and warm and fuzzies to you crazy cats!! Congrats! Ryan's face is smooth as a baby bum now!!

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