Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Project

As I've mentioned I've been working on a bit of a project. Deidra helped me several weekends ago as I attempted to sand down and restain/paint a dresser and two bedside tables.
Several years ago my mom and I purchased a dresser at an estate sale. I can't really say if we needed it for any particular reason, but it was a good deal.

Well, when Ryan and I began this journey o'love, in which we would live under the same roof day in and day out, I decided I would use that particular dresser in our bedroom. It has nine drawers which is huge because we live in an old house that has very limited storage. I guess when the house was built 70 years ago they didn't have lots of wedding gifts to store. Who knows?

The dresser has been in our bedroom doing it's job as extra storage for our clothes, but it hasn't been helping the decor of our bedroom at all too much.

Well, one day as I was scanning the design blogs I came across this post on Little Green Notebook. I thought to myself- wow, I can so do that to the dresser in our bedroom... and while I'm at it I can purchase those small chests form Ikea and work those over too.

So I emailed the link to mom and told her I was going to take on a project.

Well, we all know according to my Ikea post I wasn't able to purchase the bedside tables I needed in order to complete the project. Fear not, I was able to obtain them as I sent Rhett (a family friend who happens to live in Atlanta and happen to be coming home over the weekend) to pick them up.

Not to get too far off track.... but I didn't fully explain to Rhett just how big and crazy Ikea is. I felt like if he knew too much he would back out. After he had retrieved the side tables he called me and was all, "That place is crazy!" He said that was probably his first and last trip to Ikea.  Good thing I didn't let him know too much ahead of time.

Once I had the side tables and the dresser I could begin working on the project. The dresser came first.

I forgot to take a before picture when it was still fully intact but I feel like this extra sad "before" photo will really make the "after" shot look even better.

And here is a before picture of what the bedside tables look like via Ikea website:

The side tables are Ikea's Rast small chest for only $29.99

I purchased one quart of white high gloss oil, which I had the paint guy tint to a more creamy white. I also purchased a quart of stain and polyurethane in one... I went with the color "mission oak."

I didn't plan on it, but I also purchased an electric sander (as the one I intended to borrow happen to be at our farm house/barn).

Then we got to work, son!

Deidra and I each took turns sanding, as it really makes your hand tingle. Deidra suggested we begin a HGTV show called, Two Girls and a Sander, however, I feel like that sounds kind of dirty so maybe we should keep thinking on that one...

Then we dusted it off and wiped it down so as to remove all dust particles.

Please note: Deidra and I both wore masks and safety glasses... as safety is of the utmost importance when taking on a project.

I then put Deidra in charge of painting the drawer fronts white, while I was in charge of staining the dresser. Let me just note for the record that the polyurethane/stain in one is good because it eliminates multiple steps, however, it is tricky to use. You have to apply even amounts and distribute the stain evenly to avoid darker spots.

Deidra snapped a picture of Dad-- he was there supporting the team!

I removed the drawer pulls and went in search on new ones at Lowe's. The pulls/handles on the dresser are six inches and the biggest I could find was a five inch handle. I decided to save money and time searching by simply priming and painting the pulls that were on the dresser. I purchased new pulls for the side tables.

Overall, the project was inexpensive and made a huge difference in our bedroom.


Please pretend like I took the time to hide the cords and the random hoodie that is hanging on the door.


Sorry the pictures aren't great. Snapped them in a hurry... hope you get the gist.

I love the look of the dresser and side tables now! How about you?

Once I get the room "put together" (i.e. bedding on, pictures up) I will try to remember to post photos.


Elizabeth @ A Classic Pearl said...

Jessica, what a great refinishing job. I am quite impressed with your furniture skills, dahling!

Billy & Suzanne said...

I LOVE your finished furniture. So awesome!


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