Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Isn't it Ironic, Don't Cha Think?

This past Saturday Ryan, his sister, Ali, and I spent the day together. Lucky for Ali, I say.

We had breakfast together and had done a bit of yard work before deciding to settle in to watch a little TV.

Ali was flipping through the channels and we ended up watching Back to the Furture.

Who didn't watch this movie a hundred times as a child? I'm just tossing it out there, but I wanted a flying skate board at one time and potentially a pair of high top sneakers.

We were actually watching the one in which Marty McFly ends up dressed as a cowboy out the desert:

I haven't thought about Back to the Future in years... let alone watched one of the movies.

Later that afternoon Ali and I ran to the drugstore, as I needed a new nail polish color. I was looking for a pinkish color. I looked at a few different brands and finally picked up a pink color by Sally Hanson. I'm the kid that test the nail polish on one of my nails in the store.. tacky, maybe.... but elimates regret later.

I tested it on my thumb... and liked it. However, everyone knows that it's all about the name of the nail polish.

So I flipped the bottle over and the name of the color I had chosen was:


It was fate and the deal was sealed in that moment.  Talk about irony...  It was meant to be!!

Doc Brown would've been proud.


Lacey said...

true life-i've never watched Back to Future all the way through

Ali Sanford said...

That was just too wild!

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