Tuesday, May 31, 2011

O.T.W- MD 2011

Whew... what a weekend.

Around these parts Memorial Day is a big deal. It's the official kick off to summer. Friends load up and come from all around to congregate at the lake.

A detailed agenda was sent out weeks in advance, outlining what food to bring, where to be, and what to expect. We bring our A-Game for MD. This year we even had koozies made for everyone. (if you are interested in a koozie let me know I can send one your way for only $3, as we had few extras).

Saturday we were invited to spend the day at The Bain's. Mrs. Debbie and Mr. Jim are always kind enough to host a BBQ for everyone each year.

Check out the cool koozies.

It was crazy how many of us showed up in yellow bathing suits. Who knew that was the latest trend?

Upon returning from a long day on the boat we feasted like kings. I think we all literally inhaled our food... and then decided to have a rowdy game of Flip Cup.


Ryan celebrating a win for his team!! That's why I love him. He takes any and all competitive sports very seriously!

On Sunday we ventured down to Mr. Scotty and Mrs. Jane's for a fun filled day!! It just doesn't get any better!
Lacey and John Howell at the MD celebration!!

And Sunday Night hit up a concert at the Lake Martin Ampitheater.

In all honesty it was a GREAT weekend. Good friends together for good times... Toss in some good food, a few cocktails, and beautiful weather and I'm in my happy place!

God Bless the USA!!

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Lacey said...

Not even warm feelings...ON FIRE feelings!!! dear lord these make my heart soar.

love u, md, and all it entails!

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