Tuesday, March 6, 2012

O.T.W.- Showers (all kinds- weather, baby, wedding)

Over the weekend...

The weekend started out pretty rocky. We had some really bad weather come through the area on Friday night. I don't do well with severe weather. I go into all out panic mode and may have lost my shiz a little bit Friday night. Ryan is a saint for putting up with some of my nonsense, but in the future we will seek shelter way sooner. And when I say "seek shelter" I mean if the weather man is predicting severe/tornado type weather we will just head on over to my parents' as they have a basement!

A rainbow appeared as the storms were moving in.  I immediately thought of Chris L's Mom. 

Saturday morning, the weather had cleared out (although the county I live in was hit pretty bad).

Saturday afternoon I had several showers to attend. I've really be making my rounds lately.

Wedding gift and baby gift.
A baby shower that afternoon and then off to Birmingham for a couples wedding shower.

After visiting with everyone at the couples shower for a bit Deidra scooped me up and I sadly parted ways with my main man for a night with the BFFS.

Deidra, Lacey, Bess, and I hit the town. We had drinks at Tin Roof and then Pale Eddie's before calling it a night.
Dee, Bess, Lacey, moi (little blurry)

Sunday morning we were all dragging a bit, however, after a cup of coffee (or two) with Mona I hit the road back to the small town and spent the day being lazy with Ryan.

Mona was not loving this photo op. She gazing at a treat.

Other than the terrible storms Friday night, it was a great weekend.

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