Monday, March 19, 2012

O.T.W. St. Patty's and A Project

Ryan and I busted our butts this weekend working on a little project I conjured up.  We worked on our little home's curb appeal. It was time consuming but it was well worth it.

I'm going to do a post detailing what all we did as well as sharing a few before and after shots in the near future.

We had to do some major sanding and I was sure the paint we were sanding had lead in it (our house is old) so I took the necessary precautions. I'm not sure Ryan could take me very serious.

It was so nice to spend each day outside with Ryan just working away. Maybe even a little romantic? I mean, look at me.

Friday night I met up with my sweet friend, Kaci, who was in town for the evening and Deidra for wine and tapas.

Saturday night we celebrated St. Patrick's day. I'm Irish so I am obligated to party.

Here's to a week of awesome weather and being trapped behind a desk! Sad face.

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