Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Bachelorette Finale

This past Monday marked the end of this season's Bachelorette, with Ali. I have mentioned before that I get totally sucked in by this franchise of love. The Bachelor-- I'm there. The Bachelorette-- couldn't love it more. And to be quite honest, I will probably tune in to the new show The Bachelor Pad just to see people from past seasons. I'm looking at you Kiptyn Locke-- who by the way just confirmed our friendship on facebook, as it has taken him months to do so. (is that taking it too far? please don't judge).

Well, Ali's season couldn't have ended any better. Her final two guys would have been the same two guys I would have had if I had been the bachelorette. (because that matters)

Roberto- Tall, Dark and Handsome and Chris L.-- Fun Loving, cute and family oriented

Roberto walked away with the final rose and apparently Ali's heart.

But Chris L. could not have handled the situation more beautifully. There are thousands of single women who watched the finale and how well Chris L. handled himself that would gladly marry him, I'm sure of it.

(for those of you who have watched and wondered what that tat on his side is... well, wonder no longer. It's his mom's signature. My heart be still.)

Overall, it was a great season that kept me tuning in every Monday night and discussing, in detail, over the office water cooler every Tuesday. It's one of my guilty pleasures.

Those of you who tuned in will understand this.... Yesterday, my mom and I were driving to Auburn when I saw a rainbow in the distance. ("and it wasn't even raining")

(The rainbow we say on our way to Auburn)

...and I couldn't help but think Chris L's mom was watching over us. I'm not sure I will ever see another rainbow and not think of Chris L. or potentially tear up. I'm just sayin'

Maybe, just maybe, Chris L. will be our next bachelor.

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