Friday, March 9, 2012

Loving this week...

I have a few things I'm loving this week that I thought I would share!

Ryan and I are "re-doing" our front porch. We're stainingthe wood, getting new lighting, and doing a bit of painting in order to make the place we tend to hang out a more inviting area. Hopefully it will help out with the curb appeal as well. 

We have a plan in mind and the first item purchased for the make-over are these two rustic burlap pillows for the front porch swing:

Aren't they great!

I love them. I have DIY project planned that mom and I will be working on for the porch that I will share once we've completed it. It should go nicely with the pillows. 

Also, this week I've been pretty obsessed with Khalua Coffee Pods for my Keurig. 

If only it had a dab of the real stuff in it! 

I'm so excited to test out this recipe for Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars for a weekend getaway to our family farm this weekend. 

Look so GOOD!! 

And Maggie. Always love Maggie. Always!

Lodged between couch cushions to have a more comfy view out the window. 

She's a sweetheart. 


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