Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm famous (again)... sorta, kinda

Remember this post about me taking the day off work to drive to Atlanta to meet The Pioneer Woman. Well, Lacey and I eagerly checked her blog on a daily basis after our meet and greet with her because we just knew that she would put a picture of us on her blog.

Now for those of you who are unfamiliar, in the "blog world" The Pioneer Woman is a huge deal... to put it into perspective her blog beat out Perez Hilton's blog last year for most read blog. What I'm trying to say is... her blog is big time.

After several weeks and no sign of a blog post about her trip to Atlanta Lacey and I decided we that the Pioneer Woman must not care enough to write an entire post about Atlanta. We let our dream die.

Well, a few days after New Year's Lacey called to inform me that Pioneer Woman had written about her Atlanta visit and WE WERE ON THE BLOG. I know this isn't huge to some of you, but in my world it's yet another famous moment. (you may also reall this famous time in my life)

Check out the picture that made the pioneer woman's blog.

Click here for the full recap of Pdub's visit in Atlanta.

1 comment:

aLiSoN said...

So cool! I will have to start reading her blog. You're famous!

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