Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Guilty Pleasure

I'm sure this is going to overwhelm some of you, and that's okay with me. I have a guilty pleasure and it's somewhat embarrassing. I'll just go ahead and say it...

I love watching MTV's The Jersey Shore. There I said it... it's out there. This show is like a train wreck- you just can't look away.

It's the most random/absurd thing ever. I think the people on the show are being genuine but then I find myself thinking... there is no way people actually act like this!

Maybe it's because I'm from the South, but I've never "battled" anyone on the dance floor while jamming to "house music". I don't fist pump and I think it's gross for guys to gel their hair or look like a guido. However, on this show all of those things make you the cool kid. It blows my mind!

Oh and the tanner you are the better!

The girls are just as wild... from JWOW to Snookie,  it's apparent that tanning and wearing the tightest, shortest clothing possible make you a real stand out chick.

It's like the Jersey Shore has it's own culture... it's own lingo even. It's a place where telling someone "they don't even really look Italian" is considered an insult. (Lord knows I would never fit in) I want to visit for a few weeks and immerse myself in this culture to find out if The Jersey Shore is depicting a true account of the Jersey Shore.

Before I go to Jersey for my investigation I realize, according the show, that I will need a nickname. However, I didn't know how to go about deciding on a nickname until I came across this nifty little tool. It generates a Jersey Shore nickname for you. According to the generator... my nickname should be "The Rack"... two fist pumps for that! Ryan's nickname should be "Juice Spingsteen"-fist pump.

So to get ready! G.T.L, baby... gym, tanning, and laundry- duh. Always got to look your best when you're about to "creep"!

(If you have not seen an episode of this show... then this made no sense to you. I realize that.)


Katie Beth said...

OMG Jessica I totally watch The Jersey Shore too! Gah...it really cracks me up! It just amazes me! Mike seriously needs to go on though...and poor Snooky for getting hit in the face! Haha

Kristen said...

I love that yall love it! I LOVE IT TOO! Aaron and I watched three hours straight on Sunday! Mike is the worst and I prefer Snickers over Snooky!

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

this show is funny BUT it's not what the shore is like and they are not from jersey or real italians.

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