Friday, January 22, 2010

"A Good for Nothing..."

Yesterday as I was reading our local newspaper, I came across an unusual obituary. Normally I don't even glace over that section of the paper, however, one of my coworkers mentioned that I should take a gander...

Here's what it read: (read it entirely)

Charles Joseph Lasusky Danusky Lozowski Logan, Alexander City

A memorial service for Mr. Charles Joseph Logan, age 89.525, of Alexander City, Alabama, will be Saturday, January 23, 2010 at 10:00 am at the Chapel of Bill Nichols State Veterans Home.

Mr. Logan passed away on Sunday, January 17, 2010 at Bill Nichols State Veterans Home. He was born August 10, 1920 in Mt. Carmel, Pennsylvania to Edward Lasusky and Mary Danusky Lasusky. Orphaned at 9 months, he was raised by aunts, and his actual surname was always a mystery. He was a United States Navy yeoman during WWII, enlisting on December 8, 1941, and served chiefly in North Africa and Italy. A graduate of Villanova, he loved watching the Wildcats basketball team. The family name was changed from Lozowski to Logan in 1956, due to the suggestion of his employer, who felt that Logan was an easier name for customers in sales to remember! He worked as an accountant for Marek Bros in Houston, Texas for many years, where the Oilers and the Astros were awful, so he remained a Phillies fan.

He met his first wife, Bertille Elizabeth Schilp, a gregarious knockout and wonderful woman from St Louis, in Libya during World War II, while she was a WAC, and they married after the war. They had 3 children, and lived in several states and Prince Edward Island, Canada, during their 22 year union. He later married Nancy Roth Lent Petersen of Santa Ana, California, a sophisticated and affectionate beauty, and another wonderful woman, and they were very happy for several years, living with her 3 children and his son. He met his last wife, Charlotte Childress, of Birmingham, yet another elegant beauty and wonderful woman, and a trained classical singer, in Los Gatos, California, and were joyously happy for 25 years until her passing .

He was intelligent, charming to the ladies, and possessed a good sense of humor until the very end. He was very proud of being a Polack.

He is survived by daughters, Sister Mary Jo Logan, a teacher, degreed in special education and Claire Ann Logan, an artist, both of Montgomery, Alabama and his son, William Edward Christopher Logan, a good for nothing Lithuanian, of San Francisco, California.

After reading an obituary of that caliber one wonders who could have written it? Did the 89.525 year old, Mr. Logan write his own obituary in his old age while reminiscing about old flames? Did the nun, Sister Mary Jo Logan, write it and toss in that last part about her "good for nothing Luthuanian" brother?

One of my coworkers emailed the local paper to find out exactly who was responsible for writting this obituary. Come to find out "the good for nothing Luthuanian son" from San Francisco wrote it. Who would have thought?

It has sparked such interest in the community that the local paper will be doing a follow-up story on the family. I can only imagine this Mr. Charles Joseph Lasusky Danusky Lozowski Logan (what a crazy name) was quite the character. He obviouly lived an exciting life filled with beautiful ladies and charismatic children.

I'm eager to read the follow up story... and I'll be sure to post it for you all too!

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Christina Thompson said...

LMAO! This by far the most interesting post. HA!
Can't wait for the sequeal.

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