Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Just call me Gene Shallot

Or better yet, don't call me Gene Shallot... just know that I am about to review a few movies.

Over my holiday vacation I really took advantage of my free time. I worked out, I napped, I read, I ate sushi, and above all I went to the movies- not once but three different times. I realize that this might be a bit excessive, but it was my vacation.

The first movie I went to see was Sherlock Holmes. Ryan and I had been anticipating the opening of this movie for a several weeks.

Guy Richie films tend to be entertaining- I'm mean have you seen Snatch? The previews in the weeks leading up to the release looked as though the movie wouldn't disappoint. So on my birthday Ryan and I decided to check it out.

At one point I began to think that it was a bit far fetched, but it came together in the end. Loved Robert Downy, Jr. and Rachel McAdams. Normally, I would say I loved Jude Law (hello- who has seen The Holiday), but in this film he gets a bit lost. I give this movie 4 stars. Ryan and I both thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon at the theater.

Later that same night my mom called to inquire if Ryan and I would like to join she and my dad the following evening for dinner and a movie. To which we gladly accepted. I love to eat and I love to watch a good movie... perfect set-up if you ask me.

So the next night we went to the theater to see the much talked about AVATAR in 3D.

I didn't know what to expect going in to this one. It was an interesting experience to say the least. The 3D aspect of the movie was sort of cool... but three hours of that got a bit old. Overall, this movie was okay- maybe worthy of 3 stars (in my opinion).

However, I really liked the main character.

(I blurred out the others so you would know exactly which one I was talking about).

He played this character....

(the one looking at us- kind of crazy looking, huh? How did someone come up with all this stuff?)

Now, I haven't seen this actor any other movies, but he narrates the story and his voice was so nice. Is that weird? He had a real raspy voice (or at least in the film he did) and I thought it was sexy... so bonus points to Avatar for that!

Overall, AVATAR was a unique experience. Very, ummm, creative...

The third and last movie I saw over the holiday was It's Complicated, which is about a divorced couple who rekindle their romance and begin an affair. To say the least it becomes quite complicated.

What a movie! I loved it. LOVE LOVE LOVED IT! Laugh out loud funny.

Alec Baldwin makes this movie what it is. Just look at him. He's so funny. Please go see this movie...

I hope this little movie review helps you in deciding what film you would like to see next!

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