Monday, January 4, 2010

The Holidays- Part 1

I apologize for being m.i.a. for the past couple of weeks. I took two weeks off from work to celebrate the holidays and in doing so I took two weeks off from the Internet. I didn't check my email, facebook, or blogs- I just lived in the real world. I spent time with real friends- didn't just stalk their facebook page.

I was on holiday and it was great!

The two-week vacay was supposed to start out with a small "holiday party" at Ryan's house. I had even sent out an email informing folks to prepare to sing Christmas carols and to bring an appetizer of sorts. A few days prior to my party my friend John called and had the nerve to inform me that he was canceling my party. I thought to myself... he better have a damn good reason to be canceling my party because I have already hung the mistletoe!

Well, John did have a good reason. He was asking this kid to marry him and wanted us to celebrate at his parent's house. It was a lot of fun. Congrats to you guys!

*For some reason I have no pictures of the lovely couple. I took crazy pictures that had nothing to do with what the party was actually about. I'm random.*
The next day was Christmas Eve... Let the family fun time begin! On Christmas Eve Ryan and I headed over to my grandmother's house for dinner and fun. On Christmas Day Ryan and I didn't even get to see each other because our schedules didn't quite jive. [We don't exactly know what to do about this once we're married... I think I'm going to have to learn a tough lesson in being selfless, but I don't want to]

At my Dad's family Christmas we had somewhat of a photo shoot, which followed a mean game of Catch Phrase.

Warning: There will be at least one awkward photo that will stem from a holiday photo shoot with family!

Here's ours:

The angle was all wrong. Please note how big I look in comparison to Celinda (to the left) and Leslie (to the right) is very upright. Fear not, as we were able to get some pretty good shots as well.

What's that? How was Harley and Charlie's Christmas? Well, they had a great Christmas too! Here they are posing on Christmas Day with my brother and myself.

Stay tuned for part 2... Two birthdays and a New Year Celebration coming up!

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