Friday, January 29, 2010


Ryan and I booked our honeymoon!!!

Isn’t that why people get married? So they can head to a tropical destination for a week?

After much debate and looking at many different resorts ranging from St. Thomas to Costa Rica (and lots of places in between) and we have decided that we will be venturing to Negril.

I can’t wait. I plan on reading several books, I’m going to lie on the beach, enjoy drinks with umbrellas, and I’m going to venture to the spa one day…

For a little bit more of an adventure we might snorkel or even check out Dunn's River falls...

To say I am so ready... is an understatement!!

1 comment:

Lacey said...

I want to come on your Honeymoon too!! That spa area looks like it is to DIE for! You will have to sit me down and explain to me what all happens at honeymoons-as I will still be "un"wed at that time and a novice on such adult subjects!

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