Monday, October 1, 2012

O.T.W. Damn Smokey

Friday night Ryan and I took it easy and were actually in the bed watching the movie, Friday, by 10:00 p.m.

I can't see this movie on TV without thinking of my friend and college roomate, Kaci. When we were in middle school (around age 12/13), we would stay up late, until our parent went to sleep, and bust our our VHS of this movie. We watched it just about every weekend. We had the movie practically memorized. 

Saturday Ryan and I didn't have any plans other than knocking a few things off the ole To-Do List.

Ryan's dad came over they worked on few things around the house while I busied myself with a couple of projects.

One of which was painting my porch swing a high gloss black. Inspired by the black swing on the porch of the Southern Living Idea House. I sanded it,  primed it and got most of it painted before the rain set in. I just need to paint the back of it before I show you how it turned out.

Applying the tinted primer to the white swing.

I had a little accident while painting the swing though. I was sitting cross-legged on the ground painting away when I knocked over the entire can of black oil paint which went all over my right leg and right butt check.... it was a mess. We have black foot prints around the house from me running to the back yard. Let's just say I ended up in panties on the back porch.  Big Mess. Huge.

Saturday night Ryan and I had a date night, but I must be honest here (and if you follow my instagram you know this) it's really hard to vie for any attention from my main man when it's football season.
Can you tell where the TV is located?

So I just mind my business across the table and enjoy a few cocktails.

He didn't watch football the entire time... We really had a nice dinner together.

Overall, it was good weekend to get caught up on chores, rest, and projects.

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