Friday, September 28, 2012

Random Happenings

It's been a rather fast paced week. I was slow to bounce back from last weekend. It was tough to get caught back up, but once I did I hit the ground running.

I hit up the salon this week.

I went a little darker for the fall. And let's be honest... it's hard to maintain a false identity. I'm no natural blond, (shocker) so I felt like it was time to tone it down at least for a bit.

gratuitous self portraits

It's growing on me for sure. I did have one lady at the salon tell me it really made my sparkly blue eyes really POP. I'll take it!

This week I also mailed out invitations for my brother's 30th Birthday Bash!

Don't mail any letters to my cousin, Celinda since I just posted their address on the INTERNET. However, she would gladly accept cash probably.

Katie Beth hooked me up with some killer invites that are sure to encourage people not to miss out on the good time. Katie is super creative... you should probably use her for your next event.

And in between all of this nonsense Lacey and I have been burning the calories.

She's currently training for the Susan G. Koman 5K-- She wants to be super fast because she's #inittowinit or something.

Feel free to donate to the cause at her Susan G. Koeman page by clicking here. Just do it!

Happy Weekend Crazies!!

1 comment:

Lacey said...

Thanks for the publicity man!! and of course your hair makes your sparkly blue eyes pop!

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