Wednesday, October 10, 2012

O.T.W.-- Farm Day & A Wedding

This weekend I spent a good portion of my time gearing up for the 30th Birthday Party we are having for my brother.

But before I got to work on that... Friday night I enjoyed a few glasses of wine before going to see the movie TAKEN 2.

Friday was a long day and those two glasses of wine were much needed!!

My bro's party is going to be at our family farm. Mom, Dad and I went up on Saturday and worked, worked, worked.

We purchased the "Decoration Special" which got us 5 bales of hay for only $20.00. Worked out perfectly since we are using the hay for decoration. 

It was such a nice day at the farm and we got lots accomplished!

Saturday afternoon we hurried back to town so that I could get Ryan and myself ready for our friends Anna and Kevin's (we call him yogi) wedding.

(borrowed this pic from facebook)

Deidra scooped us up and we enjoyed an evening of fun celebrating the newly married couple!

Whitney, Deidra and I had the most fun chatting and laughing.

Long lost pal Ryan Sanders was in town for the wedding. It was great to see him!
Just as a side note: Isn't my Ryan the most handsome? I tend to think so.

Good weekend. Good fun. Today is hump day-- half way point, man! Hang in there.

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