Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Televison Debut

Yes, you read that right. Lacey and I made our Television Debut last night on our small town's local station, WAXC-TV's show, At Home with Kenny Dean.

The irony of our debut lies in that we made our premiere last night and today happens to be National Television Talk Show Host Day. I think it's a sign. We may have found our calling!

Lacey and I "co-hosted" the local show for the entire hour. Kenny Dean (the host of the show) gave us free range regarding what we wanted to talk about.

Lacey and I bounced ideas off of each other in preparation. We had lots of fun topics we wanted to cover from fashion trends to what was trending on Twitter. By the time we had the outline completed for the hour long show we had roughly ten topics we could discuss and feel solid about giving our "expert" opinions.

If you know Lacey or me then you know we love all things celebrity, fashion related, or Rolling Stone oriented--- basically all things pop culture. So this was heaven for us.

After we had our rough outline ready it was time for hair and make up.

Ryan called me yesterday afternoon to inquire if I was ready for the premiere. After talking for a few minutes he asked where I was headed to which I replied, "Hair and Makeup."

Maybe "hair and make-up" was just at my house in the guest bedroom, but we did do our hair and make up prior to going live.

Lacey and I like to think of our duo as being the younger, Southern version of Kathy Lee and Hoda. (here's hoping we actually make to their level one day).

I think Kathy Lee and Hoda would approve of a small glass of wine pre live taping. I mean, they have wine at 10:00 am during their show.

About to head to the TV Station-- super pumped!

Our first topic was about the trend burgundy (or oxblood) colored jeans. We created two boards to show the audience how to style them more dressed up or how to make them more appropriate for casual Fall attire.

As you can see in this picture (below) were really working heavy lipstick.

The heavy lipstick was so that we could show off the next trend we discussed which is the darker wine colored lipsticks that are hot this season.

After the "fashion talk" we discussed Twitter and Instagram and how important both have become in media.

Yesterday was National Fear Day and that happen to be what was trending on Twitter. In order to scare our audience Lacey and I shared a high school photo from our Back in Black Pep Rally circa 2002.

We had a good laugh at our own expense. I knew dark lipstick was "in" even back then!

Since the show is live viewers are invited to call in with questions. We answered four viewer questions ranging from whether or not scarves would be in this season to whether or not printed leggings were okay to wear.

By the end of the show we were feeling really good about our TV appearance and even did commercial for a local business (that carries Vera Bradley) completely off-the-cuff. I'm sure sales went through the roof today!

The show was a success in my opinion. Lacey and I have gotten great feed back from viewers. We are hoping to be a regular appearance on the show (at least until we're offered our own show- ha).

If you missed us last night and live in our area be sure to tune in next month for our next appearance.


Katie Beth Owens said...

I really hope you get a copy of all the showings so I can watch them! Love the recap and your boards were awesome. I see a possible graphic designer in the works! ;)

Lacey said...

Love the recap!!! Whoop Whoop--only way is UP baaay-be!

jane said...

Well, I just got off the phone with Kenny and he's worried about you two taking over his job!! He said it was fantastic and he loved every minute of it. I think you guys will def be regulars!

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