Monday, February 27, 2012


When my friend Whitney invited me over to her house this past Saturday afternoon with the intention to do some "hooping" I was confused.

I thought, hooping? But I don't really smoke anything.

When she invited Deidra under the same pretense Deidra thought she wanted to play some basketball.

Upon further questioning I realized Whitney was inviting us over to do some hula-hooping

If you've ever been to a music festival or show I'm sure you've seen someone doing all sorts of awesome moves with their hula-hoop. They move to the music and can move the hoop up and down their body, always staying with the beat of the music. It's pretty crazy how good they can be. (go check out some you tube videos if you can't picture it)

google pic

Jen, was in town this weekend for the Russell Race and brought along her hoops, as she is into hooping and is actually really good. (i.e.she can move the hoop from her waist to neck, over to her shoulder, and back down)

My first response was that I would come over but I didn't think I could hula-hoop any more. I was sure some where along the way from childhood to my 20s I lost my hooping touch.

Not the case at all. With the right size hoop and a bit of rhythm I think just about anyone could do it.

We spent the afternoon having a few brews, listening to music and attempting to master tricks of the hoop. I semi- mastered the lasso and may have even dropped it low a couple of times.

Jen (to the right) giving some pointers

It hard to know what to do with your arms, hence my awkward pose here. 

Deidra was hesitant to try her hand at hooping, but once she did she was a natural. 

It was so much fun. My hips were even a bit bruised from all the hooping we did.

Jen is hoping to be able to teach a few classes this summer, which I plan on attending!! It was a great workout.

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