Monday, February 6, 2012

O.T.W- Awesome Weather Weekend

Over the weekend....

We had a beautiful weekend as far as the weather goes. I mean really, is it February? And did Phil, the groundhog, tell us just last week that we will be having six more weeks of cold winter? Because if so, Phil, was wrong about this past weekend. Sunny skies and in the 70's....

I opened the windows and doors and just embraced the awesomeness that was.

Saturday I decided to stop simply "pinning" stuff on Pintrest and to actually try something out. So, after spending the morning deep cleaning our house (I'm talking base boards and all) I decided to mess up the freshly cleaned kitchen in order to bake a cake!! Nonsensical, I suppose.

A bit unconditional in my ways, I cranked up Dave Matthews' Pandora Station on our new Bose stereo (thanks in-laws), cracked open a cold brew and got to baking. I enjoyed the slight breeze drifting through the house from the open windows as I embarked on a baking journey unsure of where I might end up.

I ended up in Awesome Cake, USA... as I threw down ala Bobby Flay style in my own kitchen. If there's one thing I'm don't lack in, it's giving myself a pat on the back when well deserved. And that's just what I did... patted myself on the back for the uber-moist (weird word there, sorry) Strawberry Yogurt Cake I created. 

As you can tell, I should have let it cool longer prior to icing.  I got a little overeager. 

When Ryan arrived home Saturday afternoon to a clean house, a flour covered wife, and the smell of a freshly baked cake I'm sure he thought to himself how great he had it! (see what I mean about patting myself on the back? it's all in good fun though)

***Side note regarding the cake in case you, yourself, would like to try it: It should be called Strawberry-Lemon Yogurt Cake, as it has lemon zest and lemon juice in the cake. It ended up having a stronger sense of lemon than I originally imagined. I have shared it with family, friends and coworkers alike... all giving rave reviews but it should def have the word "lemon" in the title so that one expects the lemon flavor.***

On Sunday Ryan and I had a breakfast date at the local Huddle House because we're obviously either A.) a little redneck or B)an elderly couple because that was the majority of the other patrons we had breakfast with.  No complaints here though. I loved my waffle!

Since the weather was so nice, when Ryan and I got home from our breakfast date Maggie and I went for a walk. She may be on the small side but Maggie can go step for step with me. Lots of energy!

Sunday night, in honor of the Big Game we ordered pizza and invited a few folks over to partake in the Super Bowl fun.

We took up money for a Monkey Board to make it a bit more interesting. Ryan was the big winner, which meant I kind of won too since we share money. Whoop, Whoop!!

Hope you guys had a great weekend!

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