Thursday, February 9, 2012

Beauty Department: Shellac Mani

Maybe this is old news to most... but I'm in a small town. Fun stuff doesn't arrive here until it is old news.

I went in for my first shellac mani this past Friday. I was a bit skeptical because I'm am super hard on my nails. A regular manicure on my nails might make it 24 hours before chipping... and that's a stretch.

I'm don't know what I do exactly to freak up my manicures so quickly, as I do not have a very labor intensive job (no hammering done here), yet I can ruin a good mani in no time.

According to the nail lady (what's the proper name? nail technician?) this type manicure should last at least 14 days with minimal chipping and would continue to shine.

So, I went for it.
Narrowed down the color options!
I'm on day 7 and it's holding strong. I think I'm sold on the the Shellac Manicure. It's looks natural and is still shining.

I think the best part... is that it's DRY in 60 seconds. No need to wait around!

DAY 7 (sneak photo while working). Also note, I'm dressed very  patriotic today. GOD BLESS THE USA, right?

I love it!

The one draw back is the limited color options. The salon I went to only had about 20 colors to choose from which saddens my soul a bit, as I love color options.

Final Verdict on Shellac Mani: MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY!   

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