Friday, February 24, 2012

A Weeks Worth All in One

For starters... O.T.W. for LAST weekend:

Here it is Friday and I'm just now posting about last weekend. It wasn't a super crazy weekend, but we were on the go (or I was).

We hit up my little cousin's party for his fourth birthday. Who doesn't love cake, ice cream, and family time?  FUN.
BIG 4! 
On Sunday, I had a bridal shower and a baby shower to attend!! So I tossed on a dress, pearls and pumps and hit the circuit. Celebrations abound!
Sweet (soon-to-be) Aunt Bess and the mother-to-be Carrie! 

It was a good weekend because this kid was in town with her boo. I love ole Ali and it was fun to harass her a bit!! There's just something about those Sanford... I tend to love 'um!

Dinner with friends Saturday night may have gotten a bit rowdy.

On Sunday I was lucky enough to have breakfast with my old roomie, Kaci, lunch with some of my BFFs, and a home cooked dinner with my parents. Awesomeness.

In other news.....

I've been doing some shopping here and there. Don't tell Ryan though. (and don't worry he won't know that I said not to tell him because he only checks my blog when I ask him if he's read it lately and even then he mostly just skims the pictures) I am attempting to be prepared because I know we have several weddings and parties coming up and a girl needs to have options!

One of my purchases that I'm super stoked about it is a pair of leopard print jeans. You may recall this rambling post regarding my dire need for leopard print jeans a few months ago.

Well, Deidra helped my dream come true. She found a pair and scooped them up for me.

I went ahead and order the shirt shown above to go with them... let's hope it comes together nicely in real life.


Coming up this weekend I have decided to do the Russell Forrest Run. I'm doing the 5K which is only three miles, but I'm a little nervous about it.

I workout and hit the gym a few times a week, but I've always been intimidated to actually register and try out a "run". I feel like people who run races are professional runners which I AM NOT! But I said to heck with over thinking... I can walk when I need to and it will be fun!

I should have a full report on Monday!


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