Friday, January 20, 2012

Special Sight-Seeing

Last week, as we departed on our trip we had no idea just how long it would take us to get to our final destination.

We originally had a 5:30 a.m. flight out of Birmingham, AL and were scheduled to arrive in Salt Lake City, UT around 10:30 a.m.

We left our house at 3:30 a.m., although we had to turn around about a half a mile from the house in order to go back for Ryan's sunglasses (but he swears that didn't make a difference in our day).

We arrived at the airport around 4:45 a.m. We hustled to park and ran to the Delta Kiosk to print our boarding passes and check our bags. We knew we were cutting it close in order to get our bags checked prior to the 30 minute cutoff, however, the airport doesn't open until 4:45... so we felt okay about it.

Upon arrival at Delta's desk we realized a family of four children and two parents were taking up two kiosk and had a ton of bags. We waited patiently until it was our turn.

As soon as we stepped up to the kiosk we were informed we had missed the cutoff and would have to select a different flight. Also, that would be a $100 tacked on for good measure.

This is where Deidra, Ryan and I should have gotten mad. Mad because of the damn family taking up two kiosks, mad that we were there as early as we could be and got screwed, and mad because we had to spend more money.

But alas, we all took a "chill pill" (or Razzies as prescribed) prior to heading out so we absolutely didn't have it in us to get worked up. We took it with grain of salt. We were like, Dude that sucks. Let's get a biscuit while we wait. 

Rerouted through Minnesota and a 1:00 arrival time in SLC and we were on our way.

We got in to Salt Lake City a bit earlier than planned and our good buddy Mack (who kindly hosted us for the weekend) agreed to pick us up at the airport.

As we were leaving the airport we were all excited and chatting it up. At this point a few wrong turns may have occurred.

45 minutes later Mack asked nonchalantly, "Did I go east on HWY 80 or west?"

We had definitely gone the opposite directions than we should have for a close to an hour... but alas, if we had not gone that way we wouldn't have had a special sight seeing tour of the Great Salt Lake. I wouldn't have gotten to take these pics...

So it all worked out.

If Ryan hadn't forgotten those sunglasses, if we hadn't had difficulty finding a park spot, if I driven a little bit faster, then we would have never seen Minnesota from the air or The Great Salt Lake from the car.

Bright side people, bright side. Glass half full. Or maybe it was the chill pills/Razzies that gave us the illusion of not giving a shit either way.

I suppose the moral of this story is to pack your Maui Jim's next to the Razzies prior to travel.

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