Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hitting the Slopes

Today is my Friday, as I'm heading out of town for a long weekend with 16 close friends. Yes, 16 people, one large house, and lots of fun to be had.

We are headed to Park City, Utah for skiing and fun. (Mostly just fun for me because I'm scared, lame skier who mostly "pizzas" down the mountain). But the fun will be had for sure!!

I'm a little hesitant about the fact that my bathing suit is packed, as it is January which means I'm just coming in off the holiday binge session and I'm rather pale. We'll just have to see how this goes...

*photo source unsure, however I saved it to my computer as "stephan zirwes" 
Please pray that we all have safe travels, as we are coming from lots of directions, that we are all injury free on the other side of this adventure, and that everyone is healthy and well during the trip.

I will have lots of pictures next week!! Also, Happy MLK, Jr. weekend. Continue to dream on!!


Addie Lamberth said...

sounds fun!! i love your blog. you crack me up! esp. the RZ pix!

Lacey said...

It's going down. As in, my A** is probably going down HARD!! Here's to being icy because you ONLY LIVE ONCE!!!

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