Friday, January 27, 2012

A New Year... One Month Almost Gone

Time flies by these days. It seems like I blink and another weekend is gone, another week, another holiday passed.

It's crazy. If I ever take the time to really think about it... like REALLY THINK about it... it's kind of overwhelming.

I mean, how have four years passed with me still in my current job? This was supposed to be a stepping stone... to the next place, the next town.

Alas, however, here I am. Here we are I suppose.

The thing is, if you ever take the time to think about how quickly time passes it kind of puts life in perspective.

Go for the new job opportunity! Take a pay cut to do something you love. Move to a new city or an old city for that matter. Embrace change as opportunity.

Don't be discouraged because life isn't exactly where you planned for it to be.

Maybe you haven't found the love of your life. That's fine!! DON'T SETTLE... life is too short. In a blink of an eye you will either have waited for Mr./Mrs. Right and forgotten completely about the few lonely nights you had or your will have settled for "Mr./Mrs. Right Now" and may potentially regret it down the road.

I realize I'm all over the place with this post. But the point of it all is to pep talk myself or whoever might be reading this.

Life can't be planned, but we can actively make decisions to help influence the way our lives will go. The decisions and choices we make today will directly effect the life that we create for ourselves tomorrow. 

No job will find you if you don't actively seek it. Change up your routine if you aren't finding any new people to date. Maybe join a church to find a new social circle. Not your thing? Then hang out with a group of friends you haven't hung out with in a while. Incorporate new people in your life in order to find that special someone.

Life is too short to just sit back and let life happen.

I am over-the-moon happy with my life with Ryan. He is my partner, my best friend, my rock, and in 2012 I want to seek positive change. I want to purchase our own home at some point , I want to work in a job that I love, I want Ryan to be all that he can be (but not in a "join the Army" kind of way), and I want to grow spiritually in my own right.

Purchasing a home this year may not be attainable or practical for that matter, but I can start actively working on being more aggressive in saving for a solid down payment.

I suppose this is my "It's a New Year and Here are My Resolutions" post (albeit a little late). But it's not just a post for me...  it's encouragement for my family and friends.

Go out and TAKE what you want in 2012. Stop thinking about it! Let you guards down and open yourself up to love. But love yourself first or you'll end up with less than what you deserve. Seek new job opportunities and embrace them as they come!! Pray for guidance and follow the path that is shown to you.

One thing I hope to do in 2012 is to be active in opening my eyes to more than one option. Maybe I am in the town the Lord plans for me to be in. Maybe my dream home is just down the street... then again, maybe it's a couple of hours away. Maybe my dream job is right here, maybe it's not. I have a tendency to set a goal and to sort of create tunnel vision in that one direction.

In 2012 I'm open to lots of directions.  I hope my family and friends are open to finding the direction which suits them as well.

Happy 2012 Y'all.

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Lacey said...

I got behind on my blog reading the past few days--Solid post my friend, and one that speaks to my heart! Well done and well said--may we all go with the flow in 2012
and be fearless

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