Friday, January 27, 2012

NYE 2012, as promised.

Since I've just now posted my take on "being open to 2012" I thought I would go ahead a post the NYE Post I wrote since I obviously never did.


I have tons of pictures from NYE. We took a more laid back approach in an effort to save money for the Ski Trip. We had fireworks, cocktails, champagne, and good food. Ali details the evening well right here. 

I got a tripod for Christmas so I was that kid that insisted on group pictures. 

It started out with us girls making each guy take a photo with us. 

The boys acted as if they were bothered to pose for a photo, but at the end of the day I think they loved it.

Then the tripod got more action in that everyone (sans Ryan because he wussed out got tired and went to bed) had to pose for a several group photos.

Oh, Hi, 2012... here you are. Welcome. 

Kyle in the group photo next to last... owns me. 

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