Tuesday, January 17, 2012

THE Ski Trip has Come and Gone!

"The Ski Trip."

The ski trip started out as a simple idea being tossed around over a few cocktails back in May while sitting on the shores of Lake Martin. 

Clad in our bathing suits we chatted about the fact that we needed to plan a ski trip for the upcoming winter.

It was an idea that had been tossed around each year for the past few years. However, at the end of the day no one ever took action and made it happen. 

We were always big talkers and that's where it ended. 

But this year.... this year we made the ski trip happen. With one email stating the dates and location and a deadline to respond folks began booking flights and purchasing ski gear.

We ended up have 16 close friends commit to the adventure. People have told me that it's crazy that my core group of friends from high school have stayed so close throughout the years, but we have. We haven't always gotten along and everyone has grown and changed throughout the years, but at the end of the day we have maintained close relationships... and that's who made up the ski trip.. Class of '03, baby! (plus an addition who should  have been in our class).

This trip has been planned for months and for months we have discussed it at every get together. I can't begin to tell you about the number of emails that have gone back and forth. 

It was kind of surreal once everyone arrived. We kind of had a moment of WE ARE ACTUALLY ON THE SKI TRIP. 

To be honest,  the more I thought about the ski trip and closer it got, the more anxious I became. 16 people in one house for four days has the potential to result in a lot of drama. Also, factor in the fact that Ryan had never been skiing. I knew if he didn't pick it up it would be frustrating for him, which in turn would equal frustration for me. 

But as I sit here on the other side of our four day adventure to Park City, Utah I can say that it was a trip of a lifetime. Dramatic, much? Yes... but every. single. person. had fun.

Drinking local brew with arms are interlocked =Classy & Romantic.

A bear in town. 

All the beginners in the group picked up on skiing so easily. With a bit of guidance and practice everyone was ready and willing to conquer the mountain.

We skied Deer Valley each day and had more fun than you can imagine. Now, I've been skiing twice before but it was like something "clicked" this time. Maybe I had more confidence or maybe it's just that the third times a charm.... but I was really proud of my improved skills. 

It's been an odd season, in that they have not had much snow out West, but most of the runs were open. We skied from the the top of the mountain to the bottom and back again. 

We had spills, we made videos of our skills, we conquered fears, we laughed at each other, we helped each other up, and at the end of the day everyone came home in one piece (albeit sore). I mean, it could not have been better.


Knocking out "Success" 

One day while skiing a herd of deer crossed our path. It was so cool. I caught one on camera- look hard.

 The last night we were there we decided to go tubing. It was awesome.

At night we had dinner and drinks and laughed about the events of the day. The hot tub came in handy for our sore bodies and made for the perfect end to long days. 

I am so thankful that Ryan and I are fortunate enough to be able to take trips like this, but I'm even more grateful that we have such great friends to embark on such adventures with. The memories we made will last forever... and to be honest I can't wait for the next ski trip.  

It was a perfect! 

Warm feelings abound.   


Lacey said...

LOOOOOOVE it and you!! BEST trip ever ever ever ever! I'm glad you caught John helpig me up after I soared through the hoola hoop (baha), and I love the solo shot of him!

Kristen said...

YAAAY! Love the post. So many good pictures! Can't wait to see more.

Justin said...

Looks like yall had a great time!!

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