Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving is already gone? Sad.

Thanksgiving is such a great holiday because we get a few days off to simply eat, spend time with family and friends, and watch some football.

It's not stressful. It's just laid back.  Just throw on a sweater and jeans kind of holiday. Love it.

Ryan and I were on the go from Wednesday afternoon until Sunday.

Wednesday I hit up the doctor's office, as I'm fighting the good old common cold. Ask Ryan how much fun it is to sleep in the same bed with a coughing, propped up, medicated wifey... he no likey. But I digress.

Wednesday Night

It's a small town tradition that everyone heads to a local bar for a reunion of sorts. It gives everyone a chance to catch up and hang out. So that's just what we did... for a few hours anyway.

After heading to the local bar we all rode over to a friends house for a good ole house party.

Kyle.... he had just made a bad decision right here.

Travis told me he was in charge of the Thanksgiving Turkey for his family gathering. I was skeptical.

When I asked John what he was thankful for... he named several crazy things. Lacey then reminded him the answer to that question is HER!


Thursday Ryan and I hit up a few Thanksgiving lunches with both my side of the family and his. We ate good good and hugged good people.  Thursday night Deidra, Ashton, Bess and I hit up our local midnight madness for Black Friday. (Robin, if you're reading this look away. I gave in to the Man known as Wal-Mart)

If you want to see people act like idiots go to midnight madness on Black Friday. I had never stayed up late enough to partake in the craziness, but wow. A lady had to be taken out on a stretcher by paramedics over a good deal on towels. No joke. It was intense. I tried to give up once I saw the lines, but I called Ryan and he pepped talked me. He told me I wasn't a quitter. It was the encouragement I needed to stay the course.

Scary faces.

I had the sleepy face going. Also, please note I had gotten really comfy in Ryan's sweatshirt prior to the outing.

We found Aaron going for a Laptop


Ryan and I laid in the bed until 11 o'clock. It was blissful. We watched TV and chatted. Maggie slept peacefully. Aren't those the best kind of mornings... just being lazy with your best friend and pup?

Friday afternoon I met Lacey and her mom for wine at our local wine shop.

After a little wine, we decided heading to the hometown bar for live music and cocktails was just what we needed....


Saturday we tailgated with friends for the 2011 Iron Bowl (Alabama vs. Auburn). Alabama took the WIN this year.... but there's always next year!!!!! WAR EAGLE!

Oh look, all these guys grew a beard because of Ryan.

It was a great long Thanksgiving weekend.

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