Thursday, November 10, 2011

AU/GA Game

This weekend The Auburn Tigers play Georgia in Athens, GA. My SIL is headed over to Athens for all of the excitement.

When she told me that she and her friends were headed over I found myself thinking back on one of the best weekends of my college career.

It was a wild weekend spent with my best friends on the floor of a two guys' apartment that we had never met. A friend of a friend suggested that we stay with them so off we went.

We spent a weekend hitting up as many of the local bars as we could, cheering on the Auburn Tigers (to a victory I might add), and creating one of the most unforgettable nights of our lives.

At the game. Let's just say the evening got interesting from here.

Lacey documented the weekend in this post (click here).

That weekend in Athens will forever be the one weekend we completely let our hair down... and definitely used a bit of bad judgement. Alas, we really were wild and free.


Lacey said...

some shit never gets old- war damn cherokees!

Ali Sanford said...

wish yall could have been there this year to let your hair down. It was def. let down and slung all around. Win or Lose. Great weekend in Athens.

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