Wednesday, November 9, 2011

O.T.W. Not Really The Game of the Century

Over the weekend...

(which was several days ago obviously, but my week has been hectic-- hence the late posting)

We spent Saturday afternoon at a couple's baby shower for Ryan's cousin's soon to be baby girl, Bella.

I told the soon-to-be parents I sure hope she doesn't grow up and marry a vampire like Bella Swan did. That would be terrible.

We are excited that sweet Bella will be here next month!! I think she's going to look like her daddy.

After the baby shower we all headed back our house to hang out and watch the Alabama and LSU game.

We're Auburn fans (obviously) but Auburn had a bye week so we tuned into the "GAME OF THE CENTURY" which turned out to be kind of boring with not even one touchdown being score. Both teams are really good on defense.

Oh look! Mr. Benny, Mrs. Lu, Jeffrey and Cindy even stopped in.

LSU came out on top... 

Whaaaaaaaa.  (kyle is one of my favorite people. cracks me up)

...but let's just all be proud that the SEC is such a powerhouse. I won't say who I was pulling for. Oh, okay. I was pulling for The Tigers. I'll keep it real. I hate LSU but I have to actually be around a lot of smack talking Alabama fans so a good loss really helped tone down the chatter. It's all about proximity.

Sunday was spent relaxing.

Whew... we are already half way to the next lovely weekend.

[sorry about the photos. only camera I had all weekend was the iphone]

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