Tuesday, November 1, 2011

O.T.W.- Lit-Rally

Over the weekend...

...Ryan had lots of school work to catch up on over the weekend so he took it pretty easy. Friday night we had a little date night, which always make me super happy.

Saturday I got out of his hair for the day by heading to Auburn with Deidra and Ashton to tailgate for a bit with Ali.

Ali, Ashton, Deidra, me
We ended up heading back to town before the game kicked off because we had a housewarming party to attend. Our friend, Yogi and his new fiancee bought a house and had people over to celebrate Saturday night.

Newly Engaged. New Homeowners.

I just like putting random pictures of Rhett up for everyone. Here he is laughing about something...
Handsome Ryan.

I ended up tossing on my leopard print jacket as a means to stay cozy and warm, however, it turned in to me pretending to be Rachel Zoe all night. Let's just say I said, "I DIE" many, many times.

In this scene we were driving over to Joey's.

Mandana stressing.
it's not easy to stay in character. I was just stating how much "I love Skylar. Like, he's my life"

Potentially even made a few videos with me playing Rachel and Deidra playing a blonde version of Mandana. Let's just say it was late and it had been a long day. I was "this close" to talking Ryan in to playing Rodger, but alas no dice.

Sunday we celebrated Baby Heath's first birthday. It was everything a first birthday should be. Cake, ice cream, a jumpy thing, and wagon rides. It was a real rager! I told Lane (his mama) that it was probably the best birthday he's had thus far!!


Sweet Hollon never cried while riding in the wagon, but she never quite warmed up to it.

I hooked baby heath up with a pair of Tiny Tom's. You would die to see how small they were in person. They really are tiny.

And big brother couldn't have a pair without sister getting a pink cords for the Fall...

And so it was....

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