Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pigskin Picks

In mine and Ryan's marriage I would say he's the sports connoisseur, obviously. I've said it a thousand times... sports, especially football, rank way up there with Ryan.

Now, don't get me wrong, Auburn football is bred deep in my heart, but that's where it ends for me. I don't care about what the spread is, or who needs to be benched in this week's fantasy. I can't tell you who how many yards in whatever game, but what I can tell you is I'm obviously subconsciously picking up on all the football talk Ryan is laying down.

Case in point:

Each week our local small town paper does a little competition called Pigskin Picks. All anyone has to do to enter is chose who they think will win each game (ten games are listed each week) and then answer the tie breaker question, and fax it in. 

Normally, I go through and chose who I think will win, but just about every week I have to ask Ryan about the tie breaker. The tie breaker is usually total yards, rushing yards, passing yards and so forth in regards to Auburn or Alabama.

Pretty simple concept.

Well, last Friday afternoon I got ready to make my picks and send them in when I realized that Ryan wouldn't be able to help me with the tie breaker... so I had to wing it all on my own. I went all in and rolled with what I felt in my heart to be true.

When I got home last Friday afternoon I told Ryan I made the picks/tie breaker on my own and asked him what he thought.

He looked over the picks and in an attempt not to make me feel like an idiot told me that I did OK, but my total yards for South Carolina was probably a little low.

The wind went right out of my sails. I tossed my picks aside and didn't think about them again until...

... my phone rang on TUESDAY and the lady on the other end simply asked, Hi, Mrs. Sanford? Where do I need to send your check?


She then stated she was calling from The Outlook and I had won the Pigskin Picks contest for last week.

This probably makes the contest make a little more sense.  This is today's paper. I am "this week's winner" because I won for the games that were played last weekend.

Oh is that too small? Here's a better look:

WHOOO HOOO! All on my own I dominated a FOOTBALL CONTEST!  I was more excited about winning it on my own than the little ole $25 I won. Bragging rights, man. Bragging rights.

I could NOT wait to get Ryan on the phone and tell him the news. I didn't want to rub it in, but I certainly did! The newspaper clipping is potentially on our fridge at this time.

ATTEMPT AT FOOTBALL TALK/TOTAL BS: I think I knew South Carolina would be a little on the low side in total yards. I felt like Lattimore would have a tough game against Auburn. And then there's Garcia who got so embarrased in the SEC Championship against AU last year... I knew he hadn't totally bounced back. Both of those reasons were factored in when I put down the ridiculously low 115 as the total yards for South Carolina against Auburn. HOLLA!

Or maybe I just wrote some crazy number down... whatever it was I dominated for the entire small little town to see.

Maybe Ryan needs to start asking me a thing or two about football! Ryan, just call me or ask me when we wake up in the moring (whatever works for you) if you need my help making any picks.

And my hands go up!!!!!


Justin said...

And they stay there!!!

Katie Beth Owens said...

hahahaha that is so funny! congrats on the big win!

aLiSoN said...

hahah- Jessica, this cracks me up. I am amazed at how much stuff you win!

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