Thursday, October 13, 2011

F.O.L.K- lore

My friend, Whitney, makes jewelry. It's a special kind of jewelry because she puts positive energy of love and kindness in to it.

The name of her jewelry is F.O.L.K. which stands for Fractals Of Loving Kindness.

I purchased a hematite and pearl earring/necklace set back during the spring. Whenever I wear it I get quite the rave reviews.
Here I am late night at a wedding reception rocking the pearl and hematite necklace. (that's my pal Ryan-O)

Last weekend, Whitney, had a booth at the Oktoberfest here in town. She makes all kinds of beautiful things and, in all honesty, can tell you what type of energy you will get from the different types of gems you decide to purchase.

Well, she has recently started making a very fall-ish earrings made of cool turkey-type feathers. Great to wear with Thanksgiving coming up!

I bought a pair of feather earrings and wore them to one day this week. The are subtle in that they blend with my hair, however, when the light catches them just right they are awesome. I received several compliments regarding my feather earrings.

But just enough.

If you are interested, check out F.O.L.K's facebook page. She has some really cool stuff!

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