Monday, October 24, 2011

O.T.W. Fall Ball

Over the weekend...

... according to my iPhone pics:

Friday night my mom, Deidra, Ashton and I went to see FOOTLOOSE. I was unsure if it could measure up to the first one... and let me just tell you it was BETTER than the first one in my opinion.

I loved it! Maybe that makes me a little less cool, or maybe it makes me even cooler. Doesn't matter either way because I loved it all the same. Willard makes the movie. GO SEE IT.

Saturday Ryan invited folks over to our house to watch football and grill out. Auburn struggled against LSU but we watched until the very end.

It was a tough one, but our boys are "in a transitioning year" or so Ryan says... and I feel good about his opinion. War Eagle Baby!

Maggie loves Auburn Football Gatherings.

A few of the guys watching the game through the window.

Being sexy.

Maggie got tired and had to rest. All the company really wears her out.

Deidra telling lord only knows what... but Jennifer finds it interesting.

Holla if you've been a fan fo life.

And we'll wrap it up with this guy... WADE. Good ole Wade. That's all I can say.
It was a good one.

*And weird side note I rocked out with Pink Eye all weekend long. To say everyone was scared of me may be a bit of an understatement. I found it quite the motivator in that I would "scare" Ryan by touching my eye and then attempting to touch him. I mean, Pink Eye is highly contagious. All is well now!!

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