Monday, October 10, 2011

O.T.W-- Oktoberfest!!

Over the weekend....

... We began our weekend with dinner and drinks at Uncle Nick's Smokehouse on the lake. As always is was quite good.

Dinner with Ryan and DJ. I accidentally deleted the other side of the table, which consisted of Champ and Deidra.

Saturday morning Deidra and I hit up our local town's Oktoberfest, which basically consist of food, vendors, entertainment...
Catching a ride on the trailer to the Oktoberfest!

It was the perfect fall day for enjoying a little outdoor entertainment.

Saturday night Ryan and I hit up an engagement party for Hadley and Kris.

Left: Me and my boo. Right: happy couple getting Iced

Judging by the amount of fun that was had at the engagement party, one can only assume the wedding will be a real hit!!

Sunday was rainy and gross, which lead to me and Maggie watching Soul Surfer and napping.  (I honestly thought soul surfer would be ridiculous... but I laughed and cried and even clapped by the end of it. Maybe it was lack of sleep but yesterday I was loving it. Although, Carrie Underwood needs to stick to singing and working out her legs)

"I'm itching!"

Side note: Maggie has a vet appointment tomorrow. She seems to be having some type of skin irritation and it's not cool. I have had her heavily sedated with Benadryl but that Dr. said that would only temporarily fix the problem. We'll keep y'all posted.

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