Monday, October 17, 2011

O.T.W- Fall Weather, Football, & A Couple of Parties

Over the past weekend....

... we had some serious fun! Saturday Auburn played Florida at home. The game was scheduled for late in the afternoon, which meant we had and ENTIRE day to tailgate with friends.
Ali and Jackson sitting in a tree...

My football loving boo.

Oh look! We found Bess.

A little photo op at Toomer's pregame.

Ryan went to the game with his brother and several friends, while I hightailed it to a local bar to watch the game with friends.

The guy pictured below was an odd character I met while watching the game. I proceeded to tell him my husband was also a bearded man. He told me he could tell I was a girl that could give the proper respect to a man with a beard. It was an odd conversation which ended with me taking a photo of his beard. (I'm telling you it got weird as the night went on)
Cheers for Beards!

Having recently watched the movie, What's Your Number, in which the main character pretends to have a British accent I decided the next person to walk by I would try to fool them with my fake British accent.
These two guys (pictured below) happen to pass at that time. I said, "E'llo. How are you doing?" Both gave me quizzical looks. So I proceeded with, "Bullocks. You can't respond?"

When they did finally speak they asked if I was making fun of them... because THEY HAD SOUTH AFRICAN ACCENTS! What are the chances of me pretending to have an accent to people that actually HAVE an accent. 

It made for quite a laugh.

As it got later in the day things got weirder and weirder, as one will note from the pictures.


 On Sunday, Ryan and I attend two parties. One party for his grandad and one for my cousin, Kylee.
I love Ryan.

Sweet Birthday Girl.

The party was hosted at Wind Creek State Park at one of the pavilions. Anyone from around these parts knows that no trip to Wind Creek is complete without climbing to the top of the tower.

So that's just what we did...

The weather was perfect and everyone had a great time. What a great weekend!

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