Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Maggie Goes to The Vet

We survived the vet. (you may remember that I mentioned Maggie not feeling well) Oh, Maggie got beat down a little bit, but nothing too bad.

So brave.
Four shots, a physical, a little lab work, and some pills to take for the next two weeks and we were all done.

Lab work (her feet are wet because it was rainy yesterday)

Now, I feel as though I was blatantly robbed of a couple hundred dollars, but I would do anything to make her feel better.

You see, last week Maggie started itching and scratching quite frequently. Then over the weekend while Ryan and I were off at a party Maggie decided to start pulling her hair out because she was itching so bad. It was intense. I hit her up with some benadryl and even gave her an oatmeal bath, but it kept getting worse. Maggie was sad.

So I made a an appointment with the vet.

Turns out she has a very sensitive skin and had an allergic reaction to something or another.

The tough part about the visit to the vet was Maggie getting a bit of  a verbal spanking regarding her weight.

She's gained exactly five pounds since this time last year.

She is two pounds over the recommended weight limit.

Apparently we need to work on this issue. So we were told to buy a lesser calorie treat and smaller bones, as the vet said that was probably the culprit.

These are Maggie's new treats:

Only five calories.

Oh so tiny.
And this how she feels about it:

"Don't even bother wasting my time with that small thing"

I told Maggie not to get to down on her self-image. It's hard to get told your fat right after you've gotten four shots. And then there's all this media hype about being skinny. I could tell Maggie was feeling a little insecure.

So to make her feel better I gave her five of her low calorie treats, which potentially encourages emotional eating and enables her to continue with her over eating... but sometimes treats make things all better. Well, that and a couple hundred dollars at the vet.

But on her "chart" she did get this comment:

"Sweet Girl"

So in the end I gave her the ole "it's what's on the inside that matters most" speech and we watched Kim's Fairytale Wedding and all was right again.


Ali Sanford said...

I cannot believe Maggs had to get shots and what not! I hope she feels better real soon. 2 lbs over??! What kind of vet are you taking that skinny girl too? Gah, I can only imagine what they'd say if I brought in "slightly large" buddy in there.

Elizabeth said...

you're such a good dog mom. way to boost her self esteem!

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