Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A White Christmas

We survived the rush that is the holidays! I love Christmas with my whole heart. I hate when it's over because, in my opinion, after the holidays we don't have much to look forward to. I find myself longing for January and February to scoot on by and for warm weather to ease back in.

I think I can safely say that everyone in my family had a wonderful Christmas. We had a few folks fighting colds, but other than that it was splendid!

Not that Christmas is about presents, but I got some great ones!

Ryan went over the budget we established and hooked me up with this:

A Nikon D3000. I am in heaven. I have been day dreaming about actually learning how to use it and becoming a part time photographer. Maybe in due time...

My parents hooked me up with a NOOK (Barnes & Noble's take on the kindle). It's touch screen and bad ass. I have already downloaded several books. The Help will be the first one I take on. So long real books... I'm saving the forest!

I also got lots of other fun prizes... i.e. several things of OPI nail polishes, PJs, a Hobo wallet, perfume, a gift card to my favorite restaurant, MAC make-up...

The only thing I can conclude is that I was really, really nice over the past year!

But don't worry... Ryan was apparently nice too!

He got a Sirius Radio, a new iPod Shuffle, clothes, a new watch, PJ's, a Brita Water Filter, and a Wii Gaming System!

Let's just say we have tore down on the Wii. I am so sore from all the games we've played (which is a lame thing to admit... but I like to keep it real).

He also got some great Auburn memorabilia:

An autograph copy of Pat Dye's latest book.

As well as an autographed photo by Auburn's Heisman winner, Cam Newton!

Ryan and I are so blessed to have families that love us so much! I couldn't ask for a better family or for a better set of  In-Laws.

To make this year's Christmas even more magical, a rare and unusual thing (at least in the south) occurred. It actually snowed on Christmas Day in good ole Alabama. It was the first white Christmas in these parts since 1930 (or so said the news). I don't have any great pictures of this event because I was too busy with the video camera capturing the moment. I have plenty of shaky video of me saying, "Oh, look at the snow falling. It's a white Christmas. So pretty! Look at the house covered in snow. Look at Maggie running in the snow on Christmas Day."
This is the only still shot I have.. this was around 3:00 Christmas Day.
I'm always so sad for the Christmas season to come to an end... it's just so magical. Christmas music, family, food, surprises for all... it just makes my heart swell!

And for those of you who are wondering... Yes, Maggie had a lovely Christmas too!

It was so much fun it wiped her out!


Lacey said...

the nikon is truly glorious! i'll have to check out that know i'm old school!

Mrs. Coach Thompson said...

Hooray for Nikon! You will love it girl! Love it, Love it! I'm with Lacy on the Nook, I'm not too hip on those things. Happy Holidays!

Libby Lord Morgan said...

I got that same camera! Now how do we use it? Did you watch that dvd? I got bored

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